Edison Ways is a new company founded in March 2014, based in the city of Montauban, France. The president is Jean-Jacques CARRILLO.

Our main objective is to develop state-of-the art electric power distribution systems with a new architectural concept called "Captain®". This innovation is based around a unified multi-wire network and a set of smart boxes.

This revolution drastically reduces the mass of metal wiring required for an equivalent capacity. This innovation helps compensate for the ever-increasing demand for metals, while simultaneously offering greater security, reliability, and energy availability. In addition, the decreased mass of wiring translates to significant cost reductions when applied in the aerospace and automotive industries.

The computing capabilities of the different smart boxes bring intelligence to the system by more effectively managing different power sources and loads. Moreover, these capabilities can be employed for various applications, as their multi-wire network provides a very high-speed communication medium.

This innovation will soon become the new standard in power systems.

Our main activities:

  • Research and development of specific "Captain®" networks and their components
  • Intelligence and network tools
  • "Green optimization"

Our key values:

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Humanism
  • Sustainable development
  • Safety and Security