Building Wiring Demonstrator

We have designed and set up a smart and innovative wiring demonstrator in order to show the benefits of our electrical grid when implemented into a building. This demonstrator is composed of one primary core an two secondary cores.

The first panel contains the primary core and provides access to the user interface.

From this interface, a user can set the parameters of his installation but also monitor the consumption of his appliances.

Some of these devices can be subject to special monitoring (medical bed) and give rise to an alert.


Located at the entrance, the primary core is the first protection of the installation, it is connected to the secondary cores by the multi-wire network. This thin bundle of electrical cables brings electricity to the secondary cores which are placed in the different rooms of the house (kitchen, bedroom, etc.).

These secondary cores distribute electricity to the electrical appliances. They are also connected to switches and sensors.

In our demonstrator, each of the secondary panels contains one core and the appliances it powers.

No additional accessories are required for a complete home automation system, it is included in the network and is secure.



This demonstrator has been largely funded by the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME).